Achieving a Unique and Elegant Landscape

Different Landscape Designs You Can Request from the Landscaping Contractor in Hayward, CA

For landscapes to have their own identity, spending a significant amount of time and money in designing it is a must. This is only possible if you hire a landscaping contractor who has expertise in landscaping design. Just like the interiors of our home, landscapes can also be designed in different styles and approaches. Before calling the experts, here are the top landscape designs you can consider for your property.

Oriental Landscapes

This is the peaceful and serene type of landscape giving a harmonious feeling. It is an Asian-inspired landscape design that focuses on the beauty of nature. Achieving this design can be done through the installation of charming footpaths and bridges, planting lush bamboo, and stream-like irrigation systems.

Informal Landscape

The imperfect shapes and meandering of curves of the ornamental plants are highlighted in this landscape design. It must be planned well using natural layouts and native plants planted in overflowing flower beds. This will emphasize the color and texture of the landscape. Most proprietors consider this design since it is easy to install and maintain.

Contemporary Landscape

It is also called the modern landscape design because it follows the formal garden style focusing on lines and geometric shapes. The contemporary landscape shows angles and patterns using innovative materials. However, this landscape design is time-consuming and costly to maintain.

Tropical Outdoor Landscape

You will see this landscape emphasizing the lush and vivid colors of the warm climate. Oversized leaves create an eye-catching backdrop for the bright blooms. The landscaping contractor will consider installing island style accessories with bright colors that can create a paradise look for the small landscape.

You can now suggest to the landscapers which landscape design will suit your property. In Hayward, CA, the landscaping contractor you can count on when it comes to impeccable landscaping services is Gold Star Landscaping. To know the rates we offer for our service, give us a call at (510) 277-7568 today.

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