Work With a Hardscape Contractor for Your Retaining Walls

Planning Ahead With Your Retaining Wall Projects

There is no longer a need to compromise between form and function with retaining walls. With the help of a hardscape contractor, a retaining wall can be built to keep the soil in place. In contrast, modern retaining walls may be made in various ways and with different materials to increase your yard’s usable space and reduce erosion creatively. While planning a retaining wall, keep these considerations in mind.

Building Codes

Sound retaining walls require a solid foundation excavated out below the ground. The larger the wall, the more extensive the foundation work will be. Retaining walls that are higher than four feet in many regions are required by code to be professionally designed and constructed. Over a certain height (often three or four feet), fencing is mandated in certain areas. Even with shorter barriers, it is crucial to familiarize yourself with and adhere to local building codes before construction.

Improve Aesthetics

A retaining wall may do more than keep dirt in place; it can completely change the look and feel of your backyard. Small retaining walls add visual interest to a flat environment and can double as flower beds. Use your imagination and construct a seating wall around your patio or benches built into your retaining wall. Give your garden more visual interest by rounding off the wall.

Add Some Features

Add flair to your retaining wall by designing an outdoor fire pit or water feature. Extend your outdoor living area by building steps to the space above the wall. Attach wall caps after adding landscape lights to your retaining wall for contrast and atmosphere to complete the aesthetic.

Whether trying to avoid erosion in a flower bed or build a terrace for aesthetic purposes Hayward, CA, you’ll need to know what building standards to follow and what materials to use for your retaining wall – so partner with a professional hardscape contractor. Call Gold Star Landscaping at (510) 277-7568 if you need assistance designing and installing a wall that serves its functional purpose without sacrificing your home’s aesthetic.

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